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Simcoin – A Docker-Based Blockchain Simulation Framework (github.com)
105 points by simonmulser on Jan 11, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 22 comments

Semantics I know but should be called "CoinSim" and not "SimCoin". At first, I thought it was a physics simulation running on Ethereum, but it's a coin simulation framework.

I thought it was a coin based on the game "The Sims" or "Sim City". I was pretty disappointed when I saw it was not.

Were that a semantic issue, wouldn't it just as well apply to every Sim [City, Ant, Earth, etc.] ever made?

yes, would be a better name for the project. I hope the subheading clarifies the purpose.

I’m a little surprised we haven’t seen more simulations done to support “big block” and “small block” positions in the Bitcoin scaling debate. Or have there been some?

I proposed something along these lines, a few years ago, and did R&D on it. But I did not see funding so I stopped. If anyone has funding for me I'll take it up again. Had some pretty neat and useful feature ideas.

Cryptonote currencies like Monero have elastic block sizes for this reason


How many simulations would you like, we already know large blocks propogate fine and at some point they will introduce orphans to a less optimized part of the network

> a less optimized part of the network

To me that reads "smaller miners", which means further centralization of mining.

yes, and so does orphans

But it doesn't mean they propagate "fine" if it pushes smaller participants off the network. That is exactly what cryptos like Bitcoin are trying to avoid.

I didn't take a stance at all.

I said exactly what would happen and that the tests exist.

I think it'd be worth marketing this as 'multi-node' somehow, otherwise the docker piece seems irrelevant. So what's cool is: you can simulate a multiple node blockchain network (and this is technically achieved via docker).

or "A Blockchain-Network Simulation Framework".

Looks like this might be dead. The exchange has just a few buy orders on it and lots of sell orders.

this is about the simulation framework (https://github.com/simonmulser/simcoin) and not the coin simcoin.

GRC is an amazing coin technology that integrates with BOINC for simulating real science!

What's simcoin/base:v1 ? I don't see it in dockerhub.

that is a dockerized version of the bitcoin reference implementation. you can build it with `make build-image` (consider to use multiple threads to build the image - check Dockerfile under code/docker).

When starts the ICO? ;-)

this is an IDO - inital development offering ;)

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