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Distilling the Wisdom of the Crowds into App Store Success (medium.com)
18 points by ductionist 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

Missing context - apparently the guy being interviewed sold all his Windows apps, including this WiFi thing, to the people who are interviewing him. With whooping 17 reviews in Windows Store I'm not sure this is anywhere as notable as they are trying to make it look like.


It was a nice read but the developer specifically says he works by "feeling", and that makes the headline irrelevant.

For important decisions, I wait for one of those moments where you forget everything else around you, and I wait until i have a good feeling about it. Sometimes this happens when I’m in a cafe or restaurant, sitting in front of my laptop, not moving for a very long time. It must be very funny, or irritating, for other people to see that.

So, not much to learn here for me how to succeed in the microsoft app store. One guy with feelings about important decisions. Good for him!

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