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I just ran GeekBench 4 on my iPhone X on iOS 11.2.2 vs 11.2.1.

Single core: 4239 vs 4241

Multi-core: 10081 to 10203

So no difference.

The test done here was comparing 11.2.2 vs 11.1.2

Isn’t 11.2.1 the battery patch?

You are correct, it appears to be that "patch".

Source: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8211392

So basically, the difference in performance is likely almost entirely due to the battery patch and has nothing to do the Meltdown-Spectre fix.

Does GeekBench 4 make a lot of syscalls? My understanding is that these are the most affected by the mitigations.

I wonder what the difference is between the 6 used in the benchmark in the article and the iPhone X that would cause these different results. They both support speculative execution.

Either way, encouraging results to a fellow iPhone X user.

A wild speculation: the newer procs have something similar to a pcid?

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