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Mocker: A crappy imitation of Docker, written in 100% Python (github.com)
55 points by infodroid 68 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

I'd prefer Rocker, a Docker written in Rust :)

How about 'Jocker' a terrifying JavaScript implementation of Docker

Or Gocker, an implementation of Docker in go...

Wouldnt that just be, Docker?

Yes, that was the point :-)

Clocker (Clojure), Focker (F#), Rocker (Ruby)... the possibilities are endless!

BrainFuck: BrainFocker

Assembly: ASMocker

C#: Cocker

Haskell: Hocker

Smalltalk: Smalltocker

Common Lisp: Common Lisp (because you just know that 'they had that already')

I presented the thinking and summary of this at PyCon AU. Here is a recording of the talk -- https://youtu.be/I326bpbdvJo - (tonybaloney)

There's also Bocker, a minimalistic Docker implementation in 100 lines of bash¹.

[1]: https://github.com/p8952/bocker

This is great, and the code is particularly easy to follow and quite Pythonic. Nice!

"Damn the fools, Docker is so much more than cgroups and chroot! [I just reimplemented the rest in two days]."

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