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Aside from the occasional partially misquoted and much-publicized opinionated statement from Go Team members, Go also has some of the most friendly, dedicated, and talented developer community I've ever seen.

I'm more than fine with people preferring Rust. I'm fine with Go's choices rubbing people the wrong way. But the frequent caricature of the Go Team being condescending or clueless simply rings false to anyone who has enjoyed being part of the Go community, where kindness and ability abound.

I'm always curious about the frequent ravings about how friendly the Rust community is. I'm super glad, and I love seeing (hearing) the reports from the Increasing Rust's Reach program on the New Rustacean podcast, for example. I'm glad Rust is so welcoming and friendly.

But I guess for this (increasingly) greybeard, it's funny, because the whole thing seems so cyclical: the Ruby community back in the PragProg-induced-popularity days, and the Perl community back in the pre-Perl6 days had a similarly lovely feel (minus the more recent but oh-so-welcome proactive diversity bent).

Anyways, enough ramblings. I'm glad Rust fits so well for you. I keep meaning to learn it properly by porting an Apple II emulator or something, but… time :-)

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