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CPUs: information leak using speculative execution (2017) (chromium.org)
122 points by runesoerensen on Jan 9, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

I know this bug (and it is a bug Intel) is causing a lot of headaches for people, but now that the details are out it's clear there is a good amount of genius and ingenuity that goes into designing exploits like this. It's also even clearer given the June 1, 2017 posting date that Intel knew about this issue for some time. This should give more credence to people claiming insider trading by Intel's CEO.

(Just a warning for folks: it's a direct link to a .tar file, not a page with a list of files you can download.)

Excellent point, and sorry for not pointing that out. Thanks for fixing it.

No worries, thanks for sharing!

(I haven't felt the need for such a warning since approximately 1998, when people stopped relying so much on third-party web hosting via FTP, and Content-Type fields were generally accurate. I recommend upgrading your web browser: direct links to a tar file no longer cause the entire window to be filled with line noise; and, if you try one of these newer graphical browsers, even if that happens for some reason it doesn't mess up your TTY state.)

It's courteous to let people know what they link is if it's 'unusual' (not a web page or image), especially when the link is visually truncated.

For people on mobile devices, triggering a download of a large file unexpectedly is annoying and uses up a typically limited resource.

I'm not sure why you're so upset about being courteous.

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