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Yes, until they don't.

Probably not. There are many countries not engaging in warfare even though they do not have nuclear weapons. Belgium and the Netherlands, for example, do not possess them, nor is there an obvious mechanism why the US' (or Britain's/France's) nuclear arsenal would discourage a war between these nations.

The US, meanwhile, has been engaged in wars almost non-stop since WW2. It's "unprecedented world peace" for for only a select few nations.

And, most importantly, the costs of failure have gone up dramatically with the invention of nuclear weapons. The Cuban Missile Crises is just one of several near-catastrophic events. Sooner or later, we will get a madman in a position of power, fall victim to a misunderstanding, or suffer a technical failure.

And that'll be that...

There would be nothing to be gained in that war for either country.

You don't need territory (at least at a price that steep) and you certainly don't need slave labor in 2018.

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