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The Haskell / indie rock comparison is remarkably cogent. It makes all the more ironic that I think it really was better in 2005 before it got 'popular', before the age of dons and reddit-spam monad tutorials.

It's unfortunate that OCaml sucks as hardcore as it does, seemingly everything they added to ML is either useless or harmful (except for camlp4), but unfortunately even fewer people use ML. SPJ expressed interest in a new Haskell-replacement with eager evaluation, but I don't see that coming anytime soon.

I don't think OCaml "sucks hardcore", I just find it a bit frustrating, the same way that Common Lisp is not as good as my ideal Lisp (which doesn't exist, and therefore isn't burdened with any compromises). I'd still rather use it than several other languages. Everything has quirks.

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