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If I have an issue with this article, it's that it reaches a crescendo of Obama-worship by the end (celebrating healthcare reform with a depiction of a White House martini-on-the-balcony scene worthy of a crap James Bond ending) - clearly, the price of access to Rahm Emanuel. Thus after painting a derogatory picture of 24/7 news media (not Vanity Fair's game) as a child badly in need of Ritalin, then playing down the general media's power (" The press may claim the vestigial title of Fourth Estate, but it is the lobbying industry that is now effectively the fourth branch of government"), Vanity Fair is actually trading its detachment and objectivity for access to the Oval Office; hardly demonstrative of the standards it bemoans the absence of in Washington... a poetic illustration of a different facet of Washington's ills, maybe, but really unimpressive.

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