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I never said anything about a moral high ground, and I've done the best I can to acknowledge that the US and UK committed their share of atrocities as well. I was speaking only about the matter of how various powers treated POW's and occupied countries. If you don't think the Western Allies treated Germany better than the Soviets did, just ask an East German.

There's value in illustrating the various evils and atrocities of any civilization--I can probably name just as many American and British atrocities as you can, beginning with the treatment of my own ancestors. This doesn't extend to whitewashing the truth about other civilizations' atrocities. I was making a strategic argument about not mistreating those who surrender to you; you're trying to make some argument that Hitler and Stalin were nice guys who never at all mistreated people in occupied countries. Respectfully, I don't think I'm the one with a nationalistic axe to grind here.

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