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I love how "historians" now troll the media with revisionist re-writings of history with glaring and obvious gaps. The US submarine fleet had so decimated the Japanese merchant marine by 1945 that they essentially ran out of targets. That wasn't news, and the ability for Japan's colonies to supply the home islands had been in decline for over a year.

I'm sure that even a group as disconnected from reality as the Imperial Military Command had figured this out, and gutted the army in Manchuria long before the Soviet land-grab. The Japanese faced veteran Soviet armored armies with no tanks and a few dozen effective aircraft.

IMO the pressure placed on Imperial Japan by the firebombing and nuking of Japan's cities, the impending total destruction of the overseas possessions and destruction of the Navy was enough to flip some key individuals in the General Staff or the Emperor to stop the insanity. The Japanese surrender IMO is all about internal politics and is something we are unlikely to ever understand fully.

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