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Upon earning a ticket to the BOS 2010 I will organize an inner city program to help teach kids programming and graphic design.

Two years ago I stumbled into a park building in downtown Greenville that inner city kids use for their after school program. They have 4 computers all 486 crappy machines. I was surprised by how interested the kids were in the computers.

I asked the consulor how popular the computers were and she said it is everything to them. These kids do not have computers at home.

It got me thinking that more kids with the right exposure and teachers could become hackers.

So upon returning from BOS 2010, I will get the local ad agencies to dedicate their lead designers to teach basic design. Get local developers to do a little basic programming class for these kids and work with the YMCA in town to create an after school program.

Steven Wagner, Founder Dealer Ignition

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