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If the US Navy had carried through on mining Japan's home waters, it would have been irrelevant who occupied Manchuria or Korea. Nothing would have reached Japan. If carried out, naval blockade would have slaughtered gobs and gobs of folks through 45-46. As I recall, there was only one un-incinerated city left (Kyoto) after the two atomic strikes, so "bouncing the rubble" would have been inefficient.

Slaughtering concentrations of defenders, however, would have been gruesome and it WAS being planned for.

Even aside from that very little was reaching Japan, the allies were sinking incredible tonnage of shipping. Japan would have been starving by the end of 1945. By the end of the war the allies were sinking an average of 100+ merchant vessels a month, that rate takes a heavy toll on the ability to transport even the basics needed to keep the population of the home islands alive, let alone to run the machinery of war.

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