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[flagged] Show HN: CryptoRoulette how much is worth now $1,000 of cryptos from last year (github.com)
53 points by ciocan42 on Jan 7, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 21 comments

From investment point of view, focusing on missed opportunities in the past is extremely addictive and counterproductive. I was suffered from this bad habit for years.

If you want to improve your performance, you have to focus on the present moment. Right now history has been made! Think of the present! What you would think on Friday, January 7th, 2022 year, as an excellent opportunity to make a fortune available somewhere on Sunday, January 7th, 2018 year.

I find that mindset is extremely helpful.

What if the real missed opportunity is not investing in yourself or a new business?

Choosing from the top 250 now biases it upwards.

If you did the same for the top 250 stocks by market cap you should significantly beat the market with the same methods.

Also, not all these coins were around a year ago. Does the code handle that or just return nonsense? Edit: trying manually returns "Oh Nooooo!!! I just broke the blockchain. Please try again."

Yes. Current top 250 are the ones who survived and succeeded. It would not show what would have happened if you invested in 6 random coins. A better approach would be to choose from the top 250 at time of purchase.

Thanks for the input. It picks randomly from the list; if the coin is not listed at that time it chose another one until fits. "Oh Nooo" error is returned when cryptocompare api fails.

If you want to fix the bias issue, take the top 250 from a year ago and choose randomly from them.

I got that error by putting in NMR manually into the URL in another comment here from January 31 2017.

No wonder it seems like you can't lose money. Thanks.

The grammar of this post title makes my head hurt.

We made similar thing i a bit different and easy to use way: https://www.cryptoground.com/what-if

You can choose the coin you wish and historical date you want to check it ROI.

We had got featured on PH for the same :D

Some of the top currencies ROI wise: https://ph-files.imgix.net/23c6487b-8e58-4d54-b2d3-572051dae...

Do provide your comments & feedback :)

Buggy ?

  I have now worth of

but on https://www.cryptocompare.com/coins/omg/overview :

  Start Date
Less than a year ago

It picks a random date last year as well.

I've found Cryptocompare to be unreliable and to often have outdated information. For example, it showed IOTA at 1 cent for a solid week after its first big rise.

What is worth of 1.000.000$ of BTC or any other cryptocurrency? Can you go to Bitcoin bank and tell: "Put my money in dollars to this suitcase now" ?

yes actually. you can sell any amount of BTC instantly on an exchange and wire the money directly to your traditional bank account. the order books generally have the depth to handle selling millions of USD worth of BTC per day without much price impact. if you wanted to sell more many of the exchanges will facilitate an Over The Counter sale that does not effect exchange price.

Can you go to a fiat bank and ask for a million dollars to be put in a suitcase?

Yes but not without giving them a few days warning.

Typically the most you can get out of a major branch of a national chain on a moments notice would be $100,000 max. This changes a lot at the regional level and based on the individual bank and the amount of risk they have from robberies.

My credit union couldn't even let us withdraw $20,000 in cash when my business needed it.

What is worth of 1.000.000$ of BTC

= $1.000.000 ...?

You have no idea how this hurts. I worked for crypto company for 20 months, but due depression did not took any crypto.

I worked at several crypto companies, but since they were all nascent startups in Canada I wasn’t being paid enough to actually afford to invest any money in crypto. :/

If it helps you, you probably would have sold it when it doubled, and you'd feel even worse today.

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