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Instead of having to deal with chargebacks (on both your side, and from the business's side), the funds could hypothetically be kept in an escrow all within a smart contract on a blockchain, and only released when delivery is confirmed. The confirmation of delivery could also be tracked via blockchain, say by the delivery person scanning the package on a device at your door which then signs the transaction with your key and that gets put on the blockchain, which then gets verified and funds are released from the escrow.

I do think we're still a ways off before the blockchain actually gets mass adoption in terms of real world usage (instead of it being a speculative, get rich quick scheme that it is now to a lot of people)

I think the problem is there’s no good way of adding out of network data to the blockchain. Instead of not sending the package, they could just send me a package of rocks and the delivery guy is none the wiser.

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