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So classical UNIX C compilers are now transpilers, because they always did text to text (C to Assembly), before forking to the assembler.

The first AIX C compiler called itself a "transcompiler" in it's manual, so yes, they are.

Any digitalized version of it available online?

Not that I know of.

But you can see the term of the day, "translator", here[0][1], and it isn't much of a leap to see how that evolved into translator-compiler, and then shortened itself.

[0] XLT86, 8080 to 8086 Translator http://www.s100computers.com/Software%20Folder/Assembler%20C...

[1] Pg. 47, Trans Z80 to 8086 Translator http://www.patersontech.com/dos/Docs/86_Dos_usr_03.pdf

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