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Here's the problem: "I have spent 2 years trying to learn django, why should I waste it? I'm 19 years old now..."

A) 2 years of programming experience in any language is not a waste of time even if you never touch that language again, B) Sunk costs, if the previous 2 years were a mistake, then don't repeat that mistake by sticking to a language and framework you don't like. C) 2 years is nothing.

D) You're fricken' 19. You're supposed to be "wasting time". You can't find the right path for you until you determine some of them are dead ends.

Absolutely. He needs to be spending time reading literature and visiting art museums and hiking in the woods and fooling around with girls. There's plenty of time to work when you're old.

As I sit at my desk at age 20 with a cup of coffee. :(

At 20 I was running around playing GI Joe in the forest. It wasn't until 23 that I realized that shit was real.

At 35 now I certainly don't consider any of that time wasted. I would suggest if you are "frowning" now - as you put in your comment - to get out and do something that doesn't make you frown... the cup of coffee will still be there, I guarantee it.

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