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Infinitely Beta has launched paisa.com - uses Clojure and Python (paisa.com)
28 points by kumarshantanu 2591 days ago | hide | past | web | 29 comments | favorite

Tech. co-founder of Paisa.com here. This is a bit earlier than we expected :) I was going to post it on HN myself a couple of days later.

Anyway, I would be happy to answer questions and resolve issues. Thanks!

Interesting from a technical standpoint, but how is it different from/better than, say, google finance?

May be right now it isn't. But we are going to roll out some interesting features soon. Also, I think we care about usability more than most Indian finance sites.

Indeed. This is more usable and uncluttered than the other Indian finance sites like moneycontrol and the like.

Did you know "paisa" is how people in Colombia call everyone born on the city of Medellin or the region of Antioquia?

Yeah, I figured that by the number of tweets with the word Paisa in it.

In Hindi and many other Indian languages, Paisa means money.

I am most interested in your privacy policy and data security.

Can you highlight those?

Wow, you guys are based in Pune! That's where I'm from.

Feel free to visit our office! The address is given on http://infinitelybeta.com.

Send us an email before coming :)

I think you could make it clearer as to what the site is about. "Stop guessing, make informed decisions" - how are you going to help me do that? Is it just another way to look at charts? Can you explain why it is better than Google Charts, or Yahoo?

I would also worry about reliability and how up to date the data is. A page that addresses such concerns would be one of the first things I am looking for.

I agree, that part is slightly half-baked. We are working on the "tour" part of the site.

We are taking data from a reputed provider (as mentioned on paisa.com/terms/).

Great looking website. Hopeful that you guys will be rolling out ideas beyond the decent price-portfolio offered by moneycontrol in India.

Thanks. Indeed, we have plans to go beyond just a stocks research/portfolio site. Please stay tuned :)

Very nice site , quite fast.

One question - Is it a policy not to have the BSE or NSE not there, i could not find them under Asia.

My thinking is i would come to a site called Paisa.com looking for insights into the Indian markets - may be thats not the focus.

Paisa.com is geared towards the Indian stock markets. BSE/NSE prices/stats are all available. For the current status, take a look at the chart on top right corner.

The Asia dropdown shows other markets in Asia since it's in the world markets section.

zaph0d - Is this the same team that launched the google calendar - twitter integration a year ago ( http://imnotspacy.com/ ) ? What happened to that idea ?

Yes, it's the same team. Imnotspacy was done just as a weekend hack. We didn't think we were providing much value, so we killed it.

layout looks wrong in safari: http://i35.tinypic.com/2e4bvwx.png (everything below the screenshot looks ok)

The bug has been fixed. Please check out. Thanks a lot for the report.

Works ok here. Can you tell me what your screen resolution is? Thanks!

1920x1200 (Safari 5 on OS X) My font settings are Helvetica 12 for the Standard Font, and Monaco 10 for the fixed width.

We can reproduce the issue. It doesn't happen with the default font settings. We are trying to fix the issue.

which parts of the site are python and which are clojure?

The frontend is in Python. It talks to the Clojure backend via a REST api.

All data heavy lifting is done in the Clojure side.

I like this site. Very well designed and superfast

killer domain name :)

And the site looks nice too. Good luck.

I agree. The site looks chic :). Please don't spoil it by adding 'ugly' Google ads banner. Even if you do, please add it in a non-obtrusive manner (which is as easy as solving P=NP? challenge).

We are not going to put any ads on our site, at least not in the foreseeable future.

looks weird on chromium with the 'what is paisa' being slightly occluded by 'charts'...

edit: looks ok on firefox.

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