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Nice to see a concrete descriptive answer to these questions here for once.

I shall reward you with some flavor ideas/inspiration:

- Big Nuts, Little Nuts, Smashed Nuts, Nutted, Instanut, Bananuts, Walnuts, PeePeanuts

- Smartits (play on Smarties)

- V for Vanilla

- Strawbra

- Buttercrotch Ripple

- Sexpresso

- Good root (root beer flavor, root is an inappropriate aussie slang)

- Double Pistaschio (instead of double you know what)

- Big Black Cherries

- Nice Watermelons/Lemons

- Big Banana

- Rolover ("Rolo" flavor)

- Cherry Pop

- Creampie (oh boy)

- Quickie Cookies

- Chocolate Chicks

- Almonds To Mouth, Amateur Almonds

- POV, pomegranate vanilla

- Kinky Kiwi

- Rough Toffee

- Chocolate Mousse Knuckle

- Caramel Toe

I had a bit too much fun with it trying to be creative. Don't take seriously.

- Caramel Toe is absolutely making the list! If I get the store open, please know you will have free ice cream dicks whenever you are in town.

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