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Stone age & early bronze age history, archeology, anthropology.

I find the genesis of storytelling, religion and how we conceptualize the world fascinating, even (especially?) where it comes in tiny fragments. Things that are so deep-rooted now that we take them for granted, like perceiving the world through discrete objects, language, social reward structures.

As the evolutionary rat-race accelerates and niches get obsoleted more and more quickly, there seems to be an increasing business opportunity in digging deeper into what makes us human, what defines our sense of "self". Facebook, Zynga & co already exploit that. Understanding these patterns has tremendous business value, even if only to better protect ourselves.

What tunes do we dance to? How were these rivers historically formed, what is their inertia, future direction? How much of ourselves is cargo-culting on by-gone fitness landscapes? Humanity is the collector's luxury item of the future.

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