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Archaeology. Technological advances in mapmaking, map-parsing and surveying (drones) are leading to a golden age in excavation, on a level unseen since the XIX century. They now have software that can literally just sit there spouting suggestions all day: “hey, this pattern around fields in Nolandia-sur-nothing looks a bit too regular, wanna investigate?”

And there is still so much that can be done, as digitalization is solving the “dusty archives” problem and neural networks might soon be able to suggest links between material (“this parchment fragment here might be related to that fragment in a museum on the other side of he world, which they’ve even forgot they had”).

Unfortunately the obstacle is always the same: money. There is little or no money to be made digging up old vases, and often plenty to actually forget about the vases altogether and let this or that new building be constructed on top of them (or destroying them).

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