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Avere Systems joining Microsoft (averesystems.com)
28 points by zod50 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Oh, thats interesting.

I can imagine that they would be very useful in azure to speed up VM-block storage communications. It possibly is secondary to reducing backbone bandwidth usage.

I assume that EC2 has lots of caching to make things viable (basic testing sorta backs that up)

They used to be quite popular in VFX land, as one could slap it infront of a filer and get a performance boost, without much work.

However once you move to a place where you can easily ans quickly move assets around, and have them on a larger amount of smaller servers (~150 tbs instead of a 1pb isilon cluster) then it becomes less relevant, especially for the price.

Corresponding announcement from Microsoft on the acquisition:


Anyone have anything to say about Avere? I talked with them years ago, haven't heard much since.

Really great company from what I know, glad to see them get acquired in a positive fashion. I'm also based out of Pittsburgh and have met some of their team members over the years, seems like a solid business with a strong product/service.

They have a great, expensive product. It's worth it if you can afford it.

So are there any hybrid flash vendors still standing? Tintri I guess.

I hope it worked out well for you Dan.

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