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Groupthink (wikipedia.org)
17 points by mikeknoop on Aug 15, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

Groupthink on HN:

- Bashing liberal arts and academia; makes the engineering crowd feel a lot better about themselves.

- Bashing business-dev. See above.

- Idea that Web 2.0 is somehow revolutionary and makes the world a better place. Justifies inane CRUD applications and re-inventing the wheel.

- Lots of water-down self-help articles written with a tech perspective. Advice for startup's. But no concrete statistics, spec's or implementation to follow through on idea's. To preach to the choir and boost blog traffic.

- Idea that entrepreneurship is a lifestyle; Fail early and often, iterate and release often; work hard to get your FU money. Makes geeks feel good about themselves, to focus solely and highlight their relative superiority in tech skills; builds an illusion that somehow working on programming or making a huge financial exit will resolve all other issues in life.

- NoSQL/Cassandra/CouchDB, new technologies that are fun to use in a hobby project and have nowhere the scalability, durability, and customization of production-grade frameworks used in running real life software; Promoted by geeks to stick to the man who prefers Java/C++/.net.

- Bias against misspelling's. Idea that dumb-down writing tend's to indicate murky thinking. To draw bogus conclusion's.

In case you're curious, this term is used in the YC "How To Apply" post found at: http://ycombinator.com/howtoapply.html

"Groupthink (wikipedia.org)"

Love the juxtaposition!

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