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Finally, someone makes _the_ point in a thread about JIRA.

JIRA's most powerful feature is that it affords for mapping businesses processes onto software. This is incredibly compelling to enterprise customers. Software that enforces workflows, procedures and requirements can be an incredible lever and JIRA's price point makes build vs buy decisions an absolute no-brainer.

The down side for the true end-users, those who actually use the software day-to-day, is that most business processes are awful.

If your experience is the hellish existence that I see strolled about on threads where JIRA comes up, I can say with near absolute confidence that it's because of one of three things:

* Your admin(s) set it up once and hasn't bothered to iterate on those workflows. * The business mapped their autonomy stripping processes onto JIRA intentionally. I'd guess that most of your work experience is similar. Process stifled nonsense. * You're on an instance that is serving too many people with too few resources. Shard your instances folks, the money for extra licenses is wildly cheaper than the human time you're wasting waiting for stuff to load.

Exactly. Conway’s Law doesn’t just apply to software you produce but also how you configure things like JIRA. If JIRA sucks chances are you’re probably looking at a reflection of your organization’s dysfunction.

Learning from Conway's law.

That is very well put. I quoted this in our product handbook https://gitlab.com/gitlab-com/www-gitlab-com/commit/be35fdc4... Thanks!

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