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Here's what happened-- not too pleased with GoDaddy.

We had the domain set to autorenew every 2 years. The card # was no longer valid (one of the frequent instances where banks randomly send out new credit cards and invalidate old ones to keep ahead of fraudsters?).

The amazing thing is that GoDaddy sent the notice that the billing failed at midnight last night. And parked the domain. No grace period.

All of the domains that I DON'T have set to autorenew, GoDaddy bombards me with notices. This? No note to indicate that it's about to be renewed after 2 years. No courtesy note saying, "hey, even though you have 15 domain names that you've paid for successfully, this one isn't auto-renewing successfully-- maybe use another card?".

They just parked the domain.

Given this, I think it is MUCH safer to NOT auto-renew.

Anyhoo, I just renewed it. Apologies to folks who were inconvenienced-- no data will be lost.

Why is rescuetime.com still parked then?

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