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I'm guessing they had it on auto-renew but didn't have a valid credit card registered with godaddy (i.e the card they registered with expired) or something.

That is exactly it. GoDaddy doesn't give any sort of courtesy heads up. Expiration date was yesterday at midnight. When billing failed (despite the fact that I'm a customer in good standing with a mess of other domains) they IMMEDIATELY parked the domain. I imagine I selected auto-renew because it seemed like I was less likely to screw up renewing the domain. I no longer think that's the safe path.

Godaddy told me that you get a week of uptime after the first declined auto-renewal charge.

That is absolutely false. Domain expiration date for RescueTime.com was the 14th (yesterday). This AM I did a gmail search for "GoDaddy RescueTime" and the only thing they sent me regarding this was midnight last night when they shut it off. I have dozens of recent automated emails from GoDaddy and also checked my spam folder just to make sure my anger wasn't unfair.

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