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This is really impressive for any novice game developer with no regards for their age.

Some feedback after playing for a few minutes: It seems the game mechanics only allows the "critical path" of advancing. By that I mean the only actions that generate a reaction are the ones that advance the plot (with the exception of moving between rooms and hints). This also causes some frustration as I basically just try to click on everything and mostly nothing happens and I ask myself if I'm doing something wrong.

I would suggest adding a click-to-describe layer. So for example clicking on a character would say something about him/her (Maybe objectively, maybe subjectively from the player's pov), clicking on an item, even one that I don't need to interact with, says something about it. etc.

This is very common in adventure games and is a great way to add lay down the story element for the game while at the same time provide the player with some interaction while looking for the actual solution to the current step.

But again, really really great.

Was going to say, great art, but is there only one object to pick up and use?

I spent 5 minutes navigating rooms and mindlessly clicking and nothing happening until picking up one object and finally using it to solve the riddle.

Any red herrings?

You need to eventually get through the locked door. The first object is nails, then you need to use the bucket which is in a cabinet in the bathroom and click on the painting. She made it really tough, for some reason.

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