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Show HN: Athena – A community-curated repository of great learning resources (producthunt.com)
38 points by juhaszhenderson 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

Here's the link: https://www.athena.cool

I have no idea why OP posted a link to another site and not the product itself.

EDIT: Talking about the website. IMO, things could be categorised and grouped better. There's no grouping by fields of learning resources (e.g. technology, arts, languages, sciences, etc.). There seem to be links to individual lectures and not the whole courses. When I search, I get links sorted somehow randomly - theres no particular order. Not to mention UX, i.e. when I search for something, then click I link and want to go back. I go back to the homepage and not to my search. This SPA thing is not helping, and there are even more UX hiccups. IMO this site could've been much simpler - just a list of links, tags, titles and descriptions, where cmd+f will do the searching.

Thanks for the feedback!

From here on out we're going to focus on simplifying the product down and cutting back on meh features (and their accompanying bugs). As time goes on our categorization and labeling systems will get better--that's just an editorial problem. We're refining as we go.

We're currently working on adding a simple voting system to make user curation less challenging, and also video thumbnails to liven up the view a bit.

Athena is a community-curated repository of learning resources to help you learn anything.

We found it really hard to self-learn with Google and YouTube because you constantly have to sort through a ton of ads and news articles. So we spent a few hundred hours hand-curating the best learning resources we’ve found all over the Internet (on topics ranging from startups to hydraulics to morality).

We put the ~25k links into spreadsheets (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XI4BS-_9BpDw8wMGWUqZ...) and labeled all of the links as blogs, courses, podcasts, lectures, videos, etc. We used this internally for a while and found it pretty useful, but to make it better we decided to build a real UI and a crawler that scrapes link metadata to make it easier to search through.

While we’ve managed to build up a pretty good collection ourselves, we think the best way for us to make this really useful is to open it up as a community project. Anyone can contribute to the repository through our Github (https://github.com/AthenaAI/community-search) or through our Typeform (https://athena-ai.typeform.com/to/DeChoI). We filter all contributions to ensure quality. When someone’s contribution gets added to the collection, we add their names to our contributor wall (https://www.athena.cool/#/contributors).

We hope this project can:

1. help self-learners learn more, quicker, and 2. help grow the collection into something more refined and comprehensive (which supports 1.)

This project is still rough and WIP (mvp af), but we’re refining it more and more everyday. All feedback is greatly appreciated!

I have some feedback for the UI/UX. The category selectors on the side don't seem to be sorted in any way and when I select one, I don't expect it to move to the top of the list. It should just stay in it's original position but indicate that it's been checked.

Thanks for the feedback! I agree. It's a little bug that we've deprioritized fixing for now. But it will be solved asap!

Question: how are you ordering the first page results right now? It's the same on multiple reloads but as far as I can tell there isn't really an order to it all. Are you preferring specific types of content like talks or is it ordered another way?

The first page results are (not exactly, but for the most part) the most recently added resources. We're in the process of building out a way to feature different resources for different searches (or artificially rank certain resources higher than others in certain conditions).

Hate to be that gal, but is Athena OSS?

The content source is open to contributions from anyone, but we filter them all. So that's "open", but not really. The software itself is not open either, but that likely will be changing soon.

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