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I thought 12 was a really young age to start making games, but then I realized I made games like this too at 12. Both code and art.

A lot of my game making friends from that group became millionaire game developers by 30.

I didn't really accomplish much besides cutting my teeth doing project management, debugging, learning the horrors of waterfall.

I would love to see the new generation continue this.

Yeah it reminds me a lot of the HyperCard games me and my friends would make as kids.

What tools are kids using these days to make point-and-click style games like this?

It has a very strong HyperCard vibe? Has its creator used HyperCard? If not, has she played a similar kind of game? It would be super interesting if this was a parallel reinvention.

No, she's never seen HyperCard but I think she's played a similar game in terms of game-play before. I'll have to ask.

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