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Nice data structure. No classes, just objects. Which makes it faster to iterate. Feedback: Throw in a bunch of throw's for sanity checks like if(!room) throw new Error("room=" + room + " window.location.hash=" + window.location.hash); It will help keep your sanity. And you will get rid of an if(room) which will flatten the code, and less code paths are also good for sanity. Smart using the url hash to store state btw. And use colors! Start with fill colors, then progress into using colors for everything. Dad: Get her a digital painting board.

I took the b&w as an intentional artistic choice, especially given the color use in the final(?) scene ("unlocked room").

It is intentional. That was something that impressed me about it -- exactly how intentional everything is. Also, she has a digital art board but scanned drawings on paper because she wanted a rougher, more sketchy look to it.

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