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Thank you so much. That means a lot to her.

She says the items were intentionally made not to look clickable to make the game more challenging.

Has she played any of the classic LucasFilm SCUMM based games? Or their predecessors, the text-based Infocom games like Zork?

Start with 'The Secret of Monkey Island'. £2.37 on Steam [0]. I spent hours on my Atari ST wondering how to get past the governor's dogs. With no WWW to look for cheats I ended up asking at my local independent computer shop (remember those), and one of the guys told me how to do it.


Most of the clickable items do look clickable to me, except for the cupboard bucket. Also wtf is happening when you use the bucket? It transforms?

Clearly, if you water a plant it grows into a pumpkin, which is a jack o'lantern, which then turns into ... a record

Did she just do the artwork or did you teach her to code it as well?

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