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Thanks. I helped her with the coding -- she's still learning Javascript -- but that was the only help she got. She really worked hard on it for about a year.

IMHO for a 12 y/o to stick to a goal and work on something for a year, without losing interest or moving to a new shiny object, is no less remarkable than actually producing a game. Well done.

That's really impressive, she should be proud of what she's done.

As for me, i'm not too proud of how far I got... couldn't figure out which painting had a plant behind it or what to do next.

from Sophie: Check on the painting in the hallway. :)

is it all in javascript? neat that this peaked an artist's interest in coding.

Yeah, it's all Javascript. She's an artist but she's quite good at math and wants to combine them for her career into a form of digital art.

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