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Profitable remote job site built with single PHP file (4.5K lines of code) (twitter.com)
7 points by vanilla-almond on Dec 31, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Business value isn't measured in lines of code though, especially with the proliferation of libraries that can perform most functions when wired up together correctly. You could probably make the core functionality of twitter in a similar number of lines.

Currently the top two tweets in the thread, both from @levelsio:

> http://RemoteOK.io is a single PHP file called "index.php" generating $2,342.04 in a day.

or then again:

> Record sales yesterday of $2,342.04 on https://RemoteOK.io for no apparent reason (maybe companies are spending their EOY HR budgets?). Normal sales is like $299

So is this considered good engineering or bad engineering

Probably good marketing, since it seems to make money and generate buzz, but in my mind, also probably bad engineering.

It's not a library, no one is supposed to drop it into their codebase like a C header, so keeping everything in a single file gives no objective advantage over using multiple files, even with a similar sized codebase.

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