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Bear in mind this article was written back in March 2017; quite a few things have changed/improved in GAE-land since. To name a few, off the top of my head:

- Java 8 is already generally available on GAE standard and, on top of that, previous limitations wr/t class whitelisting, threading capabilities and others have been lifted

- appcfg is pretty much outdated these days; all GAE management operations have been progressively integrated into gcloud app subcommand, which also fully supports newer GAE features like Flex, firewall rules, etc.

- GAE standard instances are indeed limited in computing power, but it should be enough for most web-based applications. Again, GAE Flex fills in the gap here in case more muscle is needed, since it leverages GCE-class instances

- Besides the already mentioned background work options (background threads, task queues, cron jobs), there's also Pub/Sub which can be used to inter-communicate GAE services or even other GCP services like GCE or GKE

Java 8 became available on GAE about 3 years after it was released. If Google continues that trend, Java 9 won't be available until 2020.

Slow adoption of new Java versions is a pretty big downside. Even if you are satisfied using Java 8 on GAE today, you may want to use Java 9 in the near future, and you won't be able to. By choosing GAE you are committing yourself to being stuck with Java 8 for a long time.

The entire sandboxing model was swapped out between Java 7 and Java 8 on GAE. That's why it took so long. No such major change is needed for Java 9, which won't lag nearly so far behind.

Also, not having access to Java 8 was painful. Not being able to use lambdas or streams for that long really sucked. There's no similar pain from not having access to Java 9 yet; it's not nearly as big of a change in the language.

The thing is Java 9 will be end of live and receive no further updates after March 2018 (yes, that's three months away).

> it's not nearly as big of a change in the language

True, but there were quite dramatic changes to the JDK.

In the very same post where Google announced Java 8 being generally available on GAE standard [1], they also stated Java 9 support was already in the works. Of course, actual timelines are not publicly known yet, but I wouldn't bet my money they'll take another 3 years to get this ready.

[1] https://cloudplatform.googleblog.com/2017/09/Java-8-on-App-E...

If you sign an NDA with Google, you'll get more up to date info about future features/roadmap etc. I think you'll be happy to know those plans.

Disclaimer I work on GAE.

If I signed the NDA, would I also be happy to know the roadmap for Python 3 on GAE-Std?

That's a good question but I'm an engineer and not authorized to talk about any future plans :-)

We do monitor the public issue tracker (https://issuetracker.google.com/savedsearches/559750) and will prioritize appropriately according to vote number.

OMG! Python 3 support was brought up 10 years ago (it is 2018 now depending on your timezone) in 2008 and comments were closed in 2012 for unknown reasons...

Tack this on as one of the reasons people don't trust google cloud...

Not really unknown reasons IMO - the comments were clearly unuseful that just served to spam the people who starred the issue.

No more information from users is needed to implement it, so the only useful comments can come from Google employees who can still comment.

This is standard procedure on Google bugtrackers.

If you work on GAE can you give a timeline for: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/65104189

for me that is a big blocker.

I've bought this to the attention of some of our engineers, and I hope to get you an update soon.

thank you really much

You have to sign an NDA just to get the roadmap

Is it that volatile that they don't want to go public with their intentions? That's not really a good sign, IMO.

I use Clojure* on the GAE Java SDK instead and don't think about the version of Java that's running underneath. It Just Works. https://github.com/nickbauman/cljgae-template

*(Just one of many reasons not to use Java on the JVM in general)

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