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My team (~20 people within a Fortune 50) could be considered a success story.

We use Lambda for ETL type work, Healthchecks, Web Scraping, and infrastructure automation.

> Serverless makes it harder to test locally, harder to move between hosts

Most of our code is written in Java. We have a main method, which calls a static method. The only difference between running locally and running in Lambda is that the Lambda calls the static method while we call the Main method locally.

This also pretty much eliminates lock-in since all of the code behind the static method could without much trouble be moved behind an API endpoint running in a more traditional environment.

> The only ones that should be considering serverless are companies that need to scale up and down operations at a moment's notice. That is if you're huge or doing a lot of short-burt big data processing. Otherwise, it's all koolaid.

Respectfully disagree, as first hand experience has taught me otherwise.

Just like any tool, Lambda is extremely effective when used for the things it excels at.

As mentioned in another thread, the a real power of Lambda is that once it's approved for your org, you're likely to be able to rapidly deploy other services. This is the same benefit Heroku has over raw AWS, F500 enterprises generally security review a tool like Lambda very differently than a tool like EC2. Suddenly the amount of time it takes to get a functioning service to production is cut to a third, just because there's no provisioning redtape, even if Lambda isn't PERFECT for the usecase.

Assuming most companies start their ETL job at midnight in UTC. Isn't serverless more expensive when everyone needs it at the same time?

You're charged by memory utilization and compute time.

The number of others using it at the same time has no bearing on price.

I'd be interested in talking to you when I get back to work (2 weeks from now). My email is in my profile.

As long as you don't try to sell me anything I'm always happy to chat.

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