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The Story of the Gömböc (2009) (maths.org)
28 points by mhb on Jan 1, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

There is a Gömböc statue in Budapest: http://www.gomboc.eu/en/site.php?inc=&menuId=12&hirId=79

My wife got me a gomboc for Christmas a few years ago. It's actually surprising how simple the shape is.

Do you know where she got it? I could only find them for sale for over 100 euros

Indeed she got it for that price.

This reminds me of plum dumplings - and they are called gomboc in Hungarian. My late grandmother used to make those, and they were fantastic! Its not served as sweets, more as a main dish. Not that this has anything to do with mathematical objects and points of equilibrium :)

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