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This article is a good wake-up call, but even if Rails itself is now (since 2.2) thread-safe, I need to be fairly sure that all my libraries are before I can enable threaded request dispatch in my Rails app. That's a lot of code inspection / thorough regression testing / inevitable bugs.

The Brightbox team tried to tackle the related problem for moving to Ruby 1.9 with a crowdsourced library review site: http://isitruby19.com/ Does anyone know of a similar site where people can report whether libraries are thread safe? (The code for Is It Ruby 1.9 is available on github - http://github.com/brightbox/isitruby19 - so it would be easy enough to set up a clone, but I can't commit to maintaining such a thing.)

The Rails Plugins site (http://railsplugins.org) that we built at Engine Yard has 406 registered plugins, and a criteria for thread safety (http://railsplugins.org/plugins?criteria[]=2).

The way it works is that the author can specify whether or not he thinks it's threadsafe (yes/no/maybe), which is then verified by users who can specify whether they agree. If a user marks a plugin as not-threadsafe (or not-Rails 3, or not-JRuby, or not-Ruby 1.9), the author has 7 days to help the user come around before it sticks.

So far, there are 60 plugins marked as threadsafe (which means that either the author said "yes" and nobody disagreed, or the author said "maybe" and all the votes so far say yes).

That's awesome, and exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

I found that the postgres gem, the most immediately important for me, isn't listed. Do I need to be the gem author/maintainer to register a gem, or can I just add it?

Wycats noted in the comments of the article that the pg driver is indeed safe for use in rails threaded mode.

As a psql fan, it makes me wonder what the rails world would be like had dhh had picked psql from the start.

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