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Yo! This is what I'm talkin' about! Replace directories with self-consistent neural nwots [neural blackbox thingie of weights and activation vals]. It's cool, but for every convenience we take in the direction HD space we backpeddle in processing [meaning, although the dir structure could be super condensed this way with a learned index, this approach is less flexible to cold or not-cpu-related analysis]. It's very cool actually to consider the three branches of processing, hdd, and memcache ... You want to have a balance but in the ideal computer we do no calculation, and that is something worth mentioning.

Reading again of the abstract, allow me to add that it's an optimization beyond structures such as Btrees which are already not really decipherable datasets to the naked eyes. So any optimization in a space that's not designed to be human-legible can take whatever shape, and this is certainly a welcome achievement!

> but in the ideal computer we do no calculation, and that is something worth mentioning

Can you expand on this bit? I'm not sure I understand what you mean

Absolutely! This is a statement on minimization of computational effort. When the solution has already been provided we need not do any calculation. One way to think about the quoted statement and how I meant it is to consider big O notation and how some operations take O(n) or (O lg n) steps dependent on input in order to reach a solution or complete a process or spit out a result; in this hypothetical best case our operations all take O(1). This is not really a calculation but in fact knowledge coming to light.

Since writing this comment I have text-to-speech'd the whole of the article and I listened to it one afternoon over smooth classical music and I have come to appreciate the fact that many computers will have neural network processors like tensor processors or at the very least really good GPU, making it all the more likely that such algorithms [especially used in the specific case of fault intolerant data organization and file hierarchy] will actually not require so much computational effort as traditionally believed.

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