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"Memcomputing NP-complete problems in polynomial time using polynomial resources and collective states" http://advances.sciencemag.org/content/1/6/e1500031.full

Could you tell us a bit about the reƱevance of this work?

They claim they can actually build things that compute np-complete problems in polynomial time for real.

"We show an experimental demonstration of an actual memcomputing architecture that solves the NP-complete version of the subset sum problem in only one step and is composed of a number of memprocessors that scales linearly with the size of the problem. We have fabricated this architecture using standard microelectronic technology so that it can be easily realized in any laboratory setting"

This is traditionally what people look to quantum computing to solve, but that seems much farther off in practice that the technology described here, at least, as described.

TL;DR Memcomputing has been shown to have the same power as non-deterministic turing machines. They claim to have made some real ones with promising results. It looks like it's getting commercialized over at http://memcpu.com/.

I'm just summarizing the papers/data, not commenting on it for real, it could all just be snake oil

They have pretty much exaggerated their capability. I implore any curious HN reader to check out Scott Aaronson's review of their work & how he debunks it.

thanks, link for the impatient https://www.scottaaronson.com/blog/?p=2212

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