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Show HN: Data Prism – Weekly newsletter about data science, ML, AI and analytics (dataprism.co)
233 points by angelatina on Dec 26, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

My other ML news letter have a heavy emphasis on NN. I understand why, that's where a lot of novel, cutting edge ML discovery is done. Though as I've understood it NN is not as common in the industry and it would be interesting to get stuff on what's going on in other areas of data science and ML.

I see what you mean. I think it's because NN is driving much of the research in the ML field. I wanted Data Prism to be a newsletter about where the industry is headed. About startups, new projects receiving attention (and funding), things that are really working and topics that the (non-technical) media is talking about. That's the difference between Data Prism and other (excellent) newsletters I receive, which are a bit more technical/academic. But still, I agree we hear a lot about deep learning and DNN lately. Maybe because people are fascinated by this new, "mysterious" technology? Or because companies claim they use it even if they're using simpler ML models?

RSS Feed: http://dataprism.co/issues.rss

You could add a link to this feed in the main page. :)

Great idea - thank you for the suggestion!

Done :)

Sorry, after the fourth Captcha you showed me, I've given up. You might want to fix that. Why not a simple verification email like everyone else?

Sorry about that. I’m indeed going to switch to a verification email system. In the meanwhile, if you wish, you can send your email address to hello@dataprism.co and I’ll add you manually.

Done :-) Thanks!

I’ve never encountered this before, actually. This is a behavior probably linked to the unusual amount of traffic/entries generated by HN.

Nice! Is it always sent on Fridays?

Yes, normally the newsletter is sent to your inbox on Fridays around 6am PST.

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