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Piu-Piu-Sh: ‘Shoot Them All’ Game in Bash (github.com)
89 points by andrewshadura on Dec 26, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

To those who understand Russian, here are two blog posts (with screenshots) the author wrote on how he developed the game:



If it wasn't working for you locally in your mac, and you have docker you can do the following:

  docker run -it ubuntu bash
  apt-get update
  apt-get install wget
  wget https://github.com/vaniacer/piu-piu-SH/raw/master/piu-piu
  chmod +x piu-piu
Controls are WASD for arrows and P for select or shoot.

Probably wise to run in a vm or container anyway, running random shell code on your machine that does "nc" and "ls" among other things.

That said, it's nicely commented.

It works fairly ok on macOS. Just get Homebrew to install latest version of the bash shell and then use that to execute the script.

Not as spectacular, but allow me to plug my Arkanoid clone for bash:


The name of the game seems to be a pun on the PPSh, a WWII submachine gun.

It could also just be the phonetic spelling of "pew pew" in Russian.

And it is.

The 'sh' is only a hint about the language (shell).

Works also well on Windows (lxss), though the FPS is not too high.

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