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What I find most interesting in these results is the satisfaction percentage i.e. (Used it before and would use again) / (Used it before and would use again + Used before and would not use again).

- In 2016:

React - 91% satisfaction

Vue - 91% satisfaction

Angular 2 - 65% satisfaction

No framework - 65% satisfaction

Ember - 50% satisfaction

Angular - 40% satisfaction

Backbone - 31% satisfaction

- In 2017:

React - 93% satisfaction

Vue - 91% satisfaction

Angular 2 - 66% satisfaction

No framework - 65% satisfaction

Aurelia - 56% satisfaction

Polymer - 53% satisfaction

Ember - 41% satisfaction

Angular - 33% satisfaction

Backbone - 23% satisfaction

It's especially interesting that many of the frameworks have a lower satisfaction percentage than using "no framework". Of course this could be largely attributed to who is using no framework. I have encountered a minority of developers (usually backend devs) who think front-end frameworks are nonsense and prefer to just write a bunch of jQuery. Also, if you are working on Wordpress sites, then frameworks are often not necessary.

I've written production code in some of these frameworks (Backbone, Angular 1, Ember, and React) and I would have to say these results are more or less consistent with my experience. I love React and don't feel the need to try anything else.

Angular 2 I would like to never use again. It’s caused far more problems than it’s solved. It requires deep knowledge to build large applications or else it will suffer performance problems.

What I find odd/funny is that a significant chunk of people have "never heard" of using no framework. Either it's a mistake or there are that many people who've never just written some JS code.

That result doesn’t surprise me at all, not everyone is working on a huge project and most of those frameworks are overkill for small tasks, sometimes pure js (with the odd library here and there) is all you need.

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