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No offense, but you're not making any sense. The current generation has not lasted longer than previous generations, and pretty much anyone in pre-algebra could plot you a graph that would show "we can expect the PS4 and XBox 720 by 2013 at the latest."

PS1 - 1994 PS2 - 2000 PS3 - 2006

The average works out roughly the same for Nintendo, and since Microsoft only has two data points it's not really worth including them.

Also note that the PS2 is still in production.

Yep, and the PS1 was discontinued March 23, 2006. So we might expect a new PS4 in 2012, and the PS2 to be discontinued that same year.

PS: The XBox was discontinued early due to licensing issues. Microsoft was unable to drop the production costs as far as they would like so they decided to release the XBox 360 early.

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