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Surprising that PG beat Mongo at its own game. We've been recently using Jsonb with PG as a nice-to-have but always assumed Mongo would be much faster with schemaless data.

Well, PG is written by people who know what they're doing.

LibBSON somewhat humorously has no error handling for OOM and just kills the whole process if a malloc fails. Bit of an annoyance when porting to embedded hardware.

Come on can we keep this kind of stuff off HN?

If you have concrete criticisms say them so we can have a discussion, don't write snarky lines like this is some kind of "us vs them" game.

In an earlier comment yesterday I remarked that it was good to avoid platform wars, but the MongoDB crew squandered the right to converse as peers with all the lies they told. Remember when they compared their speed writing to memory with Postgres speed writing to disk, as if this made them faster? Either they have fundamentally misunderstood what a database is, or they have deliberately acted in bad faith, which is it?

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