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Show HN: Progressive Resume Generator (resume-nation.github.io)
28 points by amitmerchant 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Quick feedback:

Having the Next buttons not also save your information is counter intuitive.

Wasn't expecting to lose everything I typed in every time I hit Next.

Same with the Add button vs Next button.

It’s simpler to just make every field always save all input.

I actually added "Next" button to move along the sections. I'll try to combine "Add" and "Next" buttons' functionalities altogether.

localStorage ftw.

I was expecting to be able to just click give me another resume at the end, but it just lets me input data to generate a resume from 3 templates.

The project itself is pretty cool. I really liked it, despite expecting something different from the name.

If you're interested in feedback: let people download the data as json and reimport it later.

Give interested people a link to a guide for creating new templates. yours are great, but I think a project like this would have way more potential with significantly more templates to chose from. Though there probably will be very few (if any) contributors... Maybe not worth the effort after all ;)

JSON Resume (https://jsonresume.org/) allows for JSON export. It would be nice if Resume Nation adopted that, or a similar, export format.

I thought that "objective" statements on résumés are considered rather gauche.

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