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Show HN: Tool for visualizing GitHub profiles (github.com)
48 points by Wronskia on Dec 21, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 19 comments

> This is necessary because GitHub has a 5000req/hour rate-limit which would be reached very quickly if you tried to analyze some of the bigger profiles on GitHub.

Can someone explain me how starring the repo will fix this issue?

How many requests does it require per user? When I built my license checker[0] I went with making requests straight from the browser to Github. It has a lower rate limit, but it's per-client, not tied to an API key.

[0] http://dschep.github.io/license-checker/

It does not fix the rate limit. But maybe it's so you can remember to come back and try again? Or it's for putting your own requests in the front of the queue.

Or it's just a cheap hack (and the author is lying) to get more exposure for your project.

From a "devil's advocate" perspective, it's a relatively simple way to keep people from burning through the rate limit by submitting loads of usernames. Of course, if checking whether a user has starred the repo counts towards the limit, it doesn't solve the problem entirely...

I used it and immediately unstarred.

Clever approach to get stars.

Which isn't so ethical imho..

> If you are NKCSS, please star the repo and try again.

So unstar it when you are done using it, if you feel so strongly about it.

When I review GitHub usage like this, I can't help but feel the statistics don't represent which language I can best express my ideas with, and which are my most important projects (ie many work repos have very few stars)

My "commits per quarter" graph jumps from Q4 2015 to Q1 2017, without showing any data for the quarters of 2016. That's interesting because I moved from the US to the UK, which was quite a shock! It took me a while to really feel comfortable in my new home, especially since I had just taken a new job and it too was changing a lot. I guess I really didn't really "fit in" at the new job. Upon reflection, I guess 2016 was a bit of a lost year for me.

I'm impressed. This visualization is _really_ advanced.

Or maybe the labels are just incorrect.

Could be interesting but the rate limiting kind of kills it, might try and set it up locally or come back later.

That is a really bad way to ask for stars

It doesn't seem to include data that I have done for other organizations. Is that the intent?

This is really cool and exactly what http://git-awards.com/ is missing. Would love to see them together.

I think the dashboard is quite un-informative. Doughnut charts may look nice but are hard to parse once you have more than 5 items.

Cool stuff although I spend most of my time coding for organisations these days and the tool does not reflect that.

Nice! Any plans adding a license?

Nice work!

Did you test it? I tested it yesterday on 3 profiles and it missed repos and misrepresented the language statistics (nope didn't create a bug report) First thing I did after that was to unstar it.

Nice concept thought. Hopefully github will integrate some of the functionality.

But .... did you star it? lol

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