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Show HN: Cryptocurrency portfolio app on Blockstack (coinsapp.co)
94 points by aulneau_ on Dec 20, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 38 comments

OT but I'm in a situation where I have hundreds of different altcoins on a handful of exchanges. I'm looking to move these into my own wallets but it seems that I will need to get so many different wallets that it's not worth the hassle. Why isn't there a wallet which can handle all kind of cryptocurrencies? The most I've seen in one is like 10.

As someone working on cryptocurrency wallets its a much more difficult task than you think. First you'd have to be compatible with multiple chains, then you have to support multiple contracts on those multiple chains.

Then theres tokens that start out as ERC-20 and eventually want to move to their own chains, which means your wallet is gonna have to be responsible for the swap.

On iOS specifically theres distribution issues where some cryptotokens are allowed and some aren't.

Also one way that wallets make money is by listing fees, so if you don't pay up forget about your coin getting listed. I heard from Vertcoin community that Exodus specifically was asking for 200,000 USD for a listing

I think that's what Jaxx is trying to do. They don't have hundreds of different coins but they have almost 50. https://decentral.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/218373867-Wh...

Jaxx works wonky and doesn't support ERC20 tokens though.

Coinomi supports a surprising number of coins, and I have used it as an intermediary. I'm not sure that I would use it for long-term storage without knowing more about the company.

The Ledger Nano S supports "apps" that can provide compatibility with many coins, and could theoretically support many more. (https://www.ledgerwallet.com/cryptocurrencies)

See also: Exodus, Trezor

You can find more examples on google.

The Ledger Nano S hardware wallet can hold just about every cryptocurrency, including ERC20 tokens.

As the sibling says, it's much less than "every" and closer to 20. There's a lot missing, eg Monero, which we've been waiting for.

Not out of the box. At the moment there's only about 20-30 crypto-assets that have established support.


I built something like this with a postgres database of transactions, a python script that scrapes the coinmarketcap api, and influxdb + grafana. It works well and suits my needs.

How were you able to update the database frequently with python? I’m trying to basically have a database that mirrors historical data on an exchange, that also updates every 5 minutes — I’m trying to decide between a node server / python aws lambda.

I'm not updating the database that frequently. Every 5m I poll for new data and I update prices in the db.

You may also like https://cointracker.cash It's simpler to use than lots of apps available to track altcoins. Free version is available to test all the functionality and with a one off payment you can unlock the full cryptocurrency set of over 1000+.

That's odd that coinsapp claims to be "one of the first apps built on Blockstack ever" but Blockstack does not even mention coinsapp in the "Featured Apps on Blockstack" section on the main page.

Yeah, if you are in the Blockstack browser, you'll see it right there on the home page :) there's a delay between the homepage updates (marketing) and what is live within Blockstack itself

It's part of the latest round of app bounties, so I assume it will be getting added soon.

Nice work! This is really slick :)

Blockstack is new to me. I've just been starting to dig into Ethereum. Would be really interested to hear experiences / comparisons between the two.

Really digging the design and functionality on this! Nice work.

Indeed great Desktop design!

I gave it a quick try - Coinsapp only seems to support a very few coins while there are plenty of portfolio apps out there that include pretty much every single altcoin out there (Blockfolio comes to mind).

For me, this is not yet the killer app that lets me track all my coins that are spread around various wallets and exchanges.

One more note: not all coins are bought, some are mined. It would be nice to have an option when adding a holding that it has been mined and not bought.

Wow, well done. This looks really polished. One minor nitpick I have is just on the landing page.. you have these gradient circles for each feature which doesn't really add anything to the content. It would be better to have icons or even remove them.

How long did this take you to make?

Somewhat similar:


The idea there is just to have a simple portfolio bookmarked without login, emails, passwords cookies or an app installed.

I'll write a separate Show HN later. Sorry for the shameless self-ad.

This is the first Mac application that I have come across that does not support my version of Mac OSX (10.11). Too bad it doesn't work in the browser version of Blockstack.

Coins, or Blockstack? It's just a webapp, so it should work in any mac os version :)

What language was used for the backend and frontend? I'm trying to make a web interface for a small project but I think I love Java too much to learn JS or HTML...

What a pristine example of next level stockholms syndrom! With that attitude it might benefit you more than anything. Theres nothing that gets me to not hire someone than the person saying “Im a {language} developer”

Might be the opposite, for example there are some languages I consider a waste of time and refuse to learn. Mainly languages too close to my current skillset, as I feel there are other languages that can teach me more with the same effort, or languages I consider downright badly-designed.

Fine, I also love Python :P

Yeah, nah. Dont store your coins in sites or dapps or anything that you do not control 100% yourself.

The best option for folks today is exodus.io, which is a multicurrency platform-ind js wallet. You control 100% of the key material and control the funds.

There is also jaxx and coinomi.com that can act as multi-currency wallets.

I agree! However, you're not storing your coins in this app, it's just to track how they're doing within the larger crypto market :)

This has nothing to do with storing coins. It's a portfolio tracker.

Jaxx is a very low security wallet, and this has nothing to do with storage- it's watch-only like Blockfolio.

this assumes trusting a 3rd party wallet to not generate weak keys or backdoors, as has happened many times already

if you're concerned about security just use the official client

its cool idea, but I like the idea of holding my own keys on my machine/paper opposed to delegating it to an app.

I'd love to use it but... No HTTPS!?

We've been getting sporadic reports that people are using `http` vs `https`. It _should_ auto redirect you to `https`! Apologies, we 100% intend for every user to use https, will dig in further :)

you can't use Blockstack storage on sites served over https at the moment


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