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Show HN: Library of API collections for Postman (postmancollections.com)
77 points by levonterteryan on Dec 20, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 26 comments

Good collection, as well as links to the documentation available for each API.

Side note: Why all the bash and hate for Postman here? Why not write an article and express your concern(s) there and submit it here in HN. Or better yet, connect with the team[1] at Postman and throw your ideas on making it better.

[1] https://www.getpostman.com/team

Good point!

However this looks as a duplicate to official api network https://www.getpostman.com/api-network/ to me (as mentioned below). On the other hand, I like that you can share your collections, rate them and have a discussion. But what if Postman team decides for the same? :-)

Thanks for the feedback & great suggestion! +1

I'd love something similar for Paw or Insomnia. Not really enjoying postman like I used to.

Thanks for the feedback, we'll consider building something separate for those tools. Are there many users for them?

Not sure about Paw, but insomnia is quite transparent. Seems to have over 30k weekly active users: https://insomnia.rest/transparency/

hm.. not bad :)

What makes them better than Postman?

Paw can (fairly trivially) import well-constructed Postman collections.

will try that too :)

Postman is a monster. It's a pain to use. Classic example of feature overload. Also, they don't have an automatic release channel on Linux. It keeps bugging you to update to latest release and then sends you to page to download a tarball which you have to extract and replace existing install with. Just provide a snap package already.

I was using Insomnia quite happily until it became really resource hungry and CPU started to spike because of it. May be I should give it another try.

On second thought, the features are probably not overloaded but the UI is very cluttered which makes it appear so.

is the UI for Linux same as on Mac or Windows apps?

Thanks for sharing your feedback, we'll forward it to Postman. Did you use Paw? What is your experience with it? https://paw.cloud/

AFAIK, Paw is macOS exclusive so I've not tried it.

Good to know, thanks!

Does Insomnia offer a function of sharing the collections of APIs to collaborate, coming back to the OP? :)

AFAIR, you could export and import your environment as JSON. I've shared it with team mates like that. It did not have a team-sync feature back when I used it. It might now. I don't know.

we'll check it out :) thanks!

How is this better than the original Postman Collections section on their website? They also did the launch recently.

The difference is that we allow user contributions that's why our library is a bigger one. We do list those collections that are listed on Postman's official web-site, which are submitted by the API providers themselvves. So that makes our list more complete. Also we have comments and replies on each API page for users to discuss and help each other in solving technical difficulties.

How would the quality of crowd sourced collections be enforced?

I guess the user upvoting system that we implemented similar to Product Hunt or Hacker News would help to keep the quality of the collections high enough. By the way we have built this web-site without code based on a Product Hunt Clone template from here https://zeroqode.com :)

By the way, the web-sites of users who contribute their Postman API collections will be visible on the API collection page and will get significant traction :)



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