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The archipelago of another life from Andreï Makine. I don't think it's already translated in English, but since his other books has been translated, I think this one will be too.

Les chemin noirs by Sylvain Tesson. I don't think it will be translated in English but I enjoyed it a lot (and half of my family too). Sylvain Tesson is a traveller, he has walked across a lot of countries (mostly Russia and Asia). After a bad fall (multiple broken bones, head trauma) he decided to walk across France along the so-called 'empty diagonal' from South-East to North-East, recounting a solitary walk on forgotten/rarely-used trails (the so-called 'chemins noirs' or black trails), talking about places mostly abandoned by the current society. He'll also talk about the people he's meeting along the way and the friends that accompanied him along the way.

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