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My daughter just had her first novels (a young adult trilogy) published a few weeks ago. Even though it is not really my genre I read it and enjoyed it. Of course I am biased....

Dysfunctional Series: Books 1-3 (Origins, Dark Imagination, A Mighty Long Fall)

By McKenzie Rae


Congrats to her!

Thank you. If you don't mind I will brag on her a bit.

Kenzi started writing fiction pretty seriously at about 14 years of age. So while 24 seems young to be a published author she has put in a decade of sustained effort honing her craft. She has completed something like 8 full length novels plus several others in various stages.

She seems to have found her daily writing pace and can write 2 or maybe 3 novels a year while working a full-time job.

She got her degree in Technical and Scientific Communication and works as a software and hardware tester along with doing some documentation for a health sensor company.

In the spring of 2018 her day job moves away, and she doesn't intend to move with it... so she will be looking for a new day job unless commercial success is surprisingly fast on the novelist front.

This seems soon. If appropriate you may want to share a general region in case anyone here will be able to help out, unless she is specifically targeting remote work opportunities (which would also be worth sharing).

Yes it is a bit soon, on the other hand it feels like it is good to get the word out there when you know that a change is coming.

She is located in Minneapolis MN. She would be happy with remote work.

She is smart, productive and reliable but not particularly ambitious with regard to the day job. Seems happy to take on the entry level grunt work including auditing telcom vendor bills, remotely updating router firmware and running test cycles, testing custom software portals, document/write test plans, update and clean up system documentation and whatever else the engineers don't want to do that isn't too technical.

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